LED Grow Light M1 680W

Plants need a lot of light to thrive, which in turn can mean high electricity bills, and high heat in the greenhouse requiring more cooling. Most indoor growers currently use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, but as a technology company we are always developing alternative solutions and gunning for lower heat output, lower consumption, and best light spectrum for the application. The GrowLume M1 produces the highest levels of PPFD in the industry. It is available with an optional SMART controller. Save Energy and have a lower cost of goods without compromising output quality. GrowLume is the modern grower’s choice.


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  • Watts:    680W
  • Spectrum: 660NM – White – Warm White
  • LED: Samsung white – Osram Red
  • 50,000 Hours :    Long Life will reduce maintenance cost
  • Umol / J: 2.8
  • Umols Total: 1850 
  • Low Voltage :  100-277 VAC
  • Type :   LED Grow Light
  • 3 Year Warranty :    Guaranteed to last 3 years
  • ETL Certified  ETL Certified
  • Power Factor:   .90
  • Coverage: 5Ft X 5Ft
  • Dimensions: 48″ x 48″
  • Working Temperature: -30 ~+60℃
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • 0 to 10V Dimmable down to 20%



  • Indoor Horticulture



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