40W 8Ft Ballast Bipass

The European Difference

Energy Conservation should always be a high priority when choosing the appropriate office lighting. But of equal importance is eye comfort—and fluorescent bulbs are known to be less than gentle on the human eye. This particular type of eye discomfort is caused by a “flicker” that a fluorescent bulb delivers during the electron and mercury crash process. However, there is a solution—a bulb that saves energy and does not strain the eyes: The new, no-flicker TubuLED T8.

The TubuLED T8 was designed especially for the workplace with both energy savings and employee comfort in mind—a winning combination that results in increased productivity.

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Features and Benefits

  • No Flicker :    Soft & consistent light doesn’t cause eye discomfort
  • 50,000 Hours :    Long Life will reduce maintenance cost
  • Direct Voltage :    120V/277V Direct connect to your AC Source eliminates additional ballast
  • Energy saving :    Much lower power consumption compared to a traditional fluorescent
  • 5 Year Warranty :    Guaranteed to last 5 years
  • UL Certified :    UL listed and safe to use
  • Variety of colors :    Available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
  • Variety of Configurations :    Available in 2 pin G13, R7D HO, or single pin (single pin utilizes round housing)


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